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GasBuddy reserves a handful of member names so that they can be used to indicate information coming from a special source. The actions of these accounts do not come from any one unique individual but are normally from automated processes that receive information from several sources.
The prices posted under these accounts do not count for points, and their participants are not eligible for contests, etc.
Requests to ban any of these accounts will be responded to with an inquiry to provide more info.


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Fuel prices submitted with the label Owner are fuel prices that are submitted directly to GasBuddy from the retailer setting the prices of that location. You can tell that it is an Owner price by its name and a building icon, versus the icon next to member submitted prices, and the member name. These Owner prices are updated through a Business-to-Business product GasBuddy sells to Fuel and Convenience Store Retailers called Business Pages. This product allows them to update prices, station information, respond to reviews, and more.

These prices are not meant to compete with member prices, and are simply another data source GasBuddy can leverage to provide our users with accurate fuel prices. These prices have no impact on the ability for a GasBuddy member to report prices on that location.
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