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Become a signed up member of สล็อต คือ and you will gain access to new members only features and you will begin to automatically collect valuable points. Join now and start being rewarded for your work in the fight against high gas prices. In the end everyone can save on their fuel purchases.

The registration process is quick and simple. Required information is kept to an absolute minimum. No member information will ever be shared, sold or released to third parties under any circumstances.

Earn Points by Participating

Points are collected by active participation in the web site features. Points are awarded in the following manner:
Points Earned Member Activity
200 Post/Update A Gasoline Price
100 Vote In The Weekly Opinion Poll
80 Use The Tell-a-Friend Feature
100 Post a Message In The Message Forum
25 Read a Recent News Item
1000 Becoming a Member
Detail of points earned in the last 31 days
Rules To Collecting Points:
Points are awarded to a maximum of 5 times per day, per feature 200 Example - For each gasoline price a member submits or updates they will earn 200 points. If in any one day (24 hour period starting at midnight local time) the same member submits/updates 5 prices they will earn a total of 1000 points. If more than 5 prices are submitted on any one day by the same member, that member will not earn more than 1000 points from the Post/Update a Gasoline price feature. The member will continue to be eligible to earn points using other web site features, again earning points to a maximum of 5 times per day.
Exceptions to the above rule: Opinion poll points are awarded to maximum of once per week. Points awarded for using the Tell-A-Friend feature are limited to a total of 1200 points.

Earn Points by Participating

Once members achieve a scheduled number of points they are awarded a graphic to represent a certain points level:
Graphic Displayed After 90 Consecutive days Points Needed
None None 0 - 9999
10,000 - 34,999
35,000 - 99,999
100,000 - 199,999
200,000 - 349,999
350,000 - 499,999
500,000 - 749,999
750,000 - 999,999
1,000,000 - 1,249,999
1,250,000 - 1,499,999
1,500,000 - 1,749,999
1,750,000 - 1,999,999
2,000,000 - 2,249,999
2,250,000 - 2,499,999
2,500,000 - 2,749,999
2,750,000 - 2,999,999
3,000,000 - 3,249,999
3,250,000 or More
Reserved for GasBuddy Employees
Accumulated points may be used to participate in raffles to earn valuable prizes.

Message Forum Author Levels

Once members post a scheduled number of messages they are awarded a title to represent their stature:
Title Displayed Messages Posted
Rookie 0 - 99
Sophomore 100 - 249
Veteran 250 - 499
All-Star 500 - 999
Champion 1000 or more
Share your gas related knowledge with others and participate in the educational message forum.

Conduct Regulations

Members who abuse the web site by posting erroneous prices, use vulgar language or degrade the web site in any other way will immediately have their membership suspended. Appeals may be emailed here. If no appeal is received from the member within 10 days then the account will be terminated. Once a membership account is terminated all member points will be surrendered and deleted. Note: Maximum of one membership account per individual or email address.